The school has the following strengths:-

  • Pupils’ progress is good overall and the proportions making more than expected progress are higher than those found nationally.
  • Teaching is good because pupils get the help they need to make good progress. This includes considerable extra support to help pupils make rapid progress if they are absent or when others struggle to keep up with their classmates. Sometimes staff are over generous in their praise and support, which limits pupils’ opportunities to have a deeper understanding of learning and to show what the pupils can do as independently as possible.
  • Pupils’ behaviour, especially their attitudes to learning and to one another, is good and has improved rapidly as a result of changes in the way that behaviour is managed.
  • Pupils take pride in their work. Displays around the school are vibrant and are a real celebration of pupils’ achievements.
  • Leadership and management are good because changes made over the past 18 months to the curriculum, teaching and behaviour management have rapidly improved pupils’ attainment and raised staff’s confidence to make further improvement. The structured approach to the curriculum has served well to improve teaching and pupils’ learning and leaders are aware that this approach needs to be revisited to ensure the best use of curriculum time to cover a full range of subjects and skills.
  • Staff at all levels of responsibility, in tandem with the governing body, are steadfast in their determination to make sure that pupils achieve well. They work very well as a team.

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